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Padraic offers several professional logo design packages to suit your every need. Depending on your budget we can accommodate you from the bare basics to a full corporate identity.

What makes us different?

  • Superior Logo Design Quality
  • Phenomenal Customer Service
  • Transparent Pricing
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Why does your business need a professional logo?

Designing a professional company logo is what follows after taking a plunge to venture into a business investment. Any business with a minimum interest to succeed should be characterized by a good brand and logo. A company’s logo identifies a business’s products and services. When designing a customised company logo, certain features need to be taken into account. Some of these factors include styling, colors, messages, layout and much more. There are various types of company branding and logos a business can choose. Glyph, Alpha Glyph, Alphanumeric and combination logos are some of the trending types of branding and logos a company can choose.

Benefits a business gets from a professional logo and branding

1. Distinguishes a business from other competitors

A good company logo distinguishes one business from those of competitors. How a business facilitates their operations and renders services can be shown by the use of distinct logo and brand. A good name shines from a group of names. A smart business is recognized easily through the use of a good logo or brand.

2. Influences buyer’s decision

An effective company brand and logo plays a critical role in increasing support as well as shaping the experience of a consumer. A business with a unique and decent logo stands out the best in the minds of customers. This can aid in influencing other potential buyers. The ease through which a thing comes to one’s mind determines how easy that person can support and prioritize that thing. This is similar to a good company logo.

3. Professional company logo improves the value of business’s products

A premium price goes hand in hand with a good logo or brand. Designing a professional logo is essential in improving the general value of a product a company sells. Similarly, this also aids in broadening the sales margin of the units a business sells.

4. Helps in creating a good emotional connection

Most customers pledge their trust and emotional attachment to a product with certain logos. Such an emotional attachment goes a long way in persuading and influencing how buyers make their decisions. Most buyers enjoy the feeling they perceive with certain products and services.

5. Professional logo and branding boost a company’s credibility

Credibility is not only determined by the experience a certain business has been in operation. A company that is rich in credibility has the power to win the confidence of many customers compared to the one that lacks it. A professional logo gives the buyers a good visual impression thus boosting its credibility.

6. Professional logo and brand do the talking for a business

The value of company’s proposition is well articulated by a good logo or brand. A majority of the buyers do their research while skimming through the internet or any other source. Just by skimming through a company’s logo, a customer can learn more of a business.

7. Ensures Loyalty

A well-designed company’s brand creates a strong bond with customers. Excellent branding is what makes a customer rave around for a great product they bought from a certain business. This leads to the establishment of a robust loyalty of the buyers.

A professional logo is the biggest investment and a valuable asset a company can have. It is, therefore, critical for any company to have their unique branding. It does not only distinguish a business but also secures a better future for the business.

Our Customised Logo Design Pricing

We offer transparent pricing for our design service so you can choose a package that suits you. We recommend you also have a look at our Branding Page for bundled services at discounted prices!

Basic Logo


Once Off
  • Up to 2 colours
  • 1 Element to incorporate
  • 1 basic revision permitted
  • Minimum 2 logos designed
  • 3 Day Turnaround Time
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Recommended use: Startup Business

Professional Logo


Once Off
  • Up to 3 colours
  • 2 Element to incorporate
  • 3 basic revision permitted
  • Minimum 5 logos designed
  • 5 Day Turnaround Time
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Recommended use: Startup/Existing Business

Unlimited Logo


Once Off
  • Unlimited Colours
  • Unlimited Elements
  • Unlimited basic revisions
  • Minimum 20 logos designed
  • 7 Day Turnaround Time
Buy Now!

Recommended use: Startup/Existing Business

Basic changes are permitted within 3 business days once work has been sent back for your review. If changes are requested, the 3 day counter will reset and will commence again once work is sent back for a new review. If no changes are requested a logo will be marked as final and further changes are subject to a minimum charge of R190.

Note: For the unlimited package you do not need to submit anything to us, we will call you/set up a meeting to discuss your individual needs and requirements.

Discounted Logo and Branding Packages

How does it work?

After payment has been confirmed we send you a detailed set of instructions. This allows you to answer all the relevant questions to help our team design your perfect logo. If you already have ideas for what you would like us to design you will be able to send through your requests at this time.

We have refined our packages to offer you the best value for money in the market and have a proven process with several hundred satisfied clients. We provide you initial designs to choose from, from which you can request basic revisions/changes.

After the review is completed we send you your new logo in vector format (either .AI/.PSD/.EPS format) so you can edit the logo yourself at a later stage or use it in other applications such as printing.

Our goal is to see you succeed. We recommend you have a look at our Branding Packages for other value added services such as our letterhead and business card designs.


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We’re ready to get started on your logo design today! To start purchase a package above.

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